Maritime Administration and Communication department

The objectives of the Department of Maritime administration are to ensure safety of life and property at sea and to promote Somalia maritime transport services.

Maritime Administration and Communication department in MPMT responsible for

  • Coordinate and synchronize of formulation, establishment and implementation ministries policies in maritime administration.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the task, development, and providing administrative support to all elements of the organization within the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs.
  • Ensuring compliance of international treaties and protocols in respect of safety, security and protection transport services.
  • Undertaking Ship safety, surveys and inspections
  • Carrying periodic Port state control inspections
  • Investigation of ship casualties
  • Issuance of Harbor master’s Clearances
  • Recording ship arrivals and departures
  • Investigation of seafarers’ complaints
  • Examination and certification of Seamen
  • Registration of crew agreements
  • Issuance Certificates of registry