Director of Procurement & Logistics Management

The Director of Procurement &logistics Management will be responsible n for the management and coordination of Supply Chain Function.

Specific duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Formulating, implementing and reviewing internal procurement policies, strategies and procedures;
  • Providing technical advice and guidance on matters pertaining to procurement function;
  • Ensuring compliance and adherence to e-procurement strategies;
  • Participating in negotiations on matters pertaining to procurement;
  • Overseeing inventory management and stock control;
  • Providing guidance on contracts design and management;
  • Coordinating procurement and issuance of goods and services for user departments in liaison with finance;
  • Coordinating receiving and opening tender documents;
  • Coordinating evaluation of tenders, quotations and proposals;
  • Maintaining and updating list of pre-qualified suppliers;
  • Conducting market surveys on commodities and pricing;
  • Developing and consolidating annual procurement plans; and