Functions of The Ministry

  1. Developing Policies and regulations for the ports’ and jetties’ operations and performance,
  2. Providing guidelines for issuance and licenses and overseeing compliance for port and marine services.
  3. Administering and controlling over the possession, pertinence and use of maritime demesne.
  4. Establishment of management framework for ports users and operators to guide various functions within Somali Ports.
  5. Preparation and issuance of seafarers discharge book and certificate of competence (COC).
  6. Issuing licenses for shipping agency, forwarding and clearing agency and ship chandelling.
  7. Implementation of laws and regulations governing maritime transports
  8. Administering and regulating ships’ calling in and departing Somali ports for safe maneuvering and performing duties of port state control through Harbor Master’s Office.
  9. Delimiting maritime zones and boundaries in Somali Waters
  10. Providing and maintaining lighthouses, hazard warnings, channel markings for ability to insure safety navigation.
  11. Overseeing the shipping and maritime activities including implementation of flag state control
  12. Support enactment of International maritime instruments that will facilitate compliance of foreign vessels activities within Somalia waters,
  13. Protection of Somalia Marine environment from the vessels’ pollution and hydro carbon dumping on Somalia waters.
  14. Develop and promulgate maritime safety and security regulations and guidelines
  15. Establishment and implementation of Vessel control and surveillance to regulate safety at sea.
  16. Develop and coordinate search and rescue operations
  17. Support improvement of ports strategies to promote import and export activities through automation and operation best practices.
  18. Ensure general performance of the agencies and companies licensed in maritime transport sector.