Technical engineering and lighthouses services Department

The tasks required Technical and engineering to provide and maintain lights, hazard warnings, channel markings, communications and vessel traffic controls

  • Provides technical expertise on matters relating to naval architecture and marine engineering
  • Install, inspect and maintain lighthouse, buoys and other aids to navigation
  • Review and authorize the location of underwater cables, pipelines, terminal points, rigs and other offshore installations
  • Collection and compilation of hydrographic data for navigational charts and publications and other applications to meet standards of international organizations.
  • Enhance the quality, accuracy and reliability of information, thereby improving situational awareness and navigational safety.
  • Improve situational awareness by providing easy access to standard and reliable information;
  • Ability to ensure safe navigation through suitable hazard warnings and channel markings. Components; thought:
  • Rehabilitation of Lighthouses and markers along the Somali coast.
  • Buoys, lighthouses, etc.
  • Aids to navigation installation and maintenance equipment
  • Heritage Lighthouses preservation
  • Marking, updating of mapping channel entrances